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We are so exceited about our new service package called

"Windows, Walls and Whatnot."  It is perfect for the client who has recently purchased a new construction home or has rooms that just need a spruce-up.  It includes assistance with window treatments, paint colors, wall coverings, artwork, and accessories.  While not a full remodel, it is amazing that the addition or changing up of these items can completely change the look and feel of a space.


Level10 Interiors, LLC offers you the full range of services for all your interior design needs.  Do you simply need a "little help" with paint colors or accessories?  Do you have ideas, but you are stuck on how to organize and execute them?  Have you begun a project, but cannot figure out how to finish it? Do you have a problem space that you just do not know what to do with?  Or do you simply want someone else to handle all the details?  We offer everything from simple help with your design ideas to complete project coordination.  Our services are designed to allow you as much or as little assistance as you need.  This flexibility makes us the Denver Metro Area's foremost interior design firm.


We offer the following services:

  • Design Consultation
    • Assistance and direction with your design ideas
  • Space Planning
    • Floor plans; furniture, accessory, appliance and cabinetry layouts
  • Furnishings and Finishes
    • Furniture, fixture, fabric, and hard finish selections
  • Accessories
    • Accessory selections and placement
  • Paint Colors
    • Paint color selections
  • Project Coordination
    • Purchasing, price negotiations, expediting, and contractor coordination
  • Redesign
    • Rework of existing spaces to make them more beautiful and functional
  • Staging
    • Making your home look its best for a top dollar sale
  • Outdoor Rooms
    • Decks and patios - layout and design
  • Holiday and Seasonal Decorations
    • Specializing in Christmas


When we set up an Initial Design Consultation, we will come to your home, discuss your project and create a proposal tailored to your needs and budget.

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